Things to do

In the village there are several facilities and things to do.  You’ll find more information about the various clubs, organisations and shops on this website.  Why not:

  • shop at the well-stocked general store and Post Office
  • enjoy breakfast, lunch or coffee time at the café
  • browse in the bookshop
  • have a game of tennis  (or basketball, or football, or…..) on the all-weather multicourt
  • attend the local church
  • picnic in the park
  • go for one of many varied walks along the banks of the Gala Water or in the surrounding hills
  • try your hand at fishing in the Gala Water
  • attend coffee mornings in the Town Hall
  • join one of many clubs or hobbies groups
  • take the kids to the playpark
  • enjoy some active travel with a hired bike or ebike from Stow Cycle Hub

More information about these and other activities can be found on the website.  So if you have any suggestions of your own, why not ask us to add them?

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