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Opening Hours: Tues – Fri 09:00 – 16:00
Friday nights 18:30 – 22:00 / Sat – Sun and Bank Holidays 10:00 – 16:00

About the Cafe

The Cloudhouse Cafe and Gallery has been open since 2007; previous to this it has had many uses such as a green grocers and a bakery – the delivery horse was stabled in what is now the kitchen!

On the 11th November 2014 the cafe was taken over by Gemma Blacker and after a mini facelift is now enjoying welcoming customers with delicious breakfasts, cakes, lunches, drinks and very fresh fairtrade organic coffee and SUKI teas from Matthew Algie. The wood pellet stove is eco friendly (just like we are trying to be) and works very hard keeping the cafe warm and all its hot water supplied. Our tables are even made of recycled materials and we are proud to be selling KeepCups to reduce the amount of plastic used by us day to day.

We are open 6 days a week and are licensed to sell alcohol from 10am-10pm so we have decided to open on Friday evenings too! We have a great selection of wine and beers as well as delicious soft drinks for the drivers (you get free drinks on a Friday as a reward for driving!) Friday nights will continue every week until we think we can add any more evenings. To start with we will have a rolling 2 week menu: 1st and 2nd Friday will consist of platters to share (great for groups) and the 3rd and 4th Friday will be a main meal with a vegitarian option e.g Curry, Lasagne, Chilli or whatever we can think of throughout the week! Just check facebook for details of that weeks menu.


Along with the cafe we have our gallery which plays host to many local artists. We have a warm and welcoming atmosphere which is very conducive to sitting and taking in all the works of art; you can also purchase any of our paintings, jewellery and scarfs for a special gift for Birthdays, Christmas or just because!

If you have a collection that you need to get seen, bring us in a sample and we will see where we can get you in. We have our window displays which are kept fresh and inside the cafe we have 2 glass display cabinets that we like to keep stocked up for present ideas.

We have regular exhibitions up in the cafe for usually 1 month at a time. We have phtography clubs, individual artist collections or several artists at the same time. For gallery enquiries please contact Patricia Sinclair-Hood on 01578 730718.


At Cloudhouse we are commited to finding local suppliers; here are who we have on board so far:

Overlangshaw Farm local organic eggs – Their organic chickens are totally free range with grass and woodland to roam as they please until nightfall, which can be as late as 11pm in the summer months! They have large sheds to sleep and nest in which are completely energy self-sufficient using solar panels and wind turbines. They produce beautiful brown eggs which have a gorgeous colour and taste great in the Cloudhouse Breakfast!

Organic Bread from Breadworks – local social enterprise based in Tweedbank and gives adults with learning difficulties a chance to learn skills in bakery. We stock the Border Country Loaf, Walnut Cob and the Seven Seeds and serve with our breakfast, soups and to sell as whole loaves.

Cowbrae Foods Jam – local jam supplier Paul Baxter has a delicious variety of jams which you can sample with a scone or buy a jar to take home for your morning toast! They also make pickles, chutneys and a zingy Lemon Curd.

Hot Sauces – If you are into your chilli then our supplier of sauces Alistair Finlayson does not hold back. He produces 3 great flavours of sauce and some fudges with a kick to them too.

Gorgeous Cakes from the CupCake QUEEN – Naomi Marshall. We have a regular supply of a variety of delicious cakes from this local resident who is also a regular customer along with her dog ‘Molly’!

​We are always looking for food suppliers and would love to hear from you should it be possible to add your product to our menu. Please get in contact with Gemma on 01578 730718 for more information.

23 Townfoot, Stow, TD1 2QN,

Tel: 01578 730718

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  1. David Fyfe
    David Fyfe August 15, 2016 at 9:52 am | | Reply

    Good morning,wonder if you can help me–we had lunch in cloudhouse a few weeks ago and I bought a jar of Cowbrae rhubarb and fig jam which I enjoyed very much. I can’t seem to find a direct way of contacting them to see if they supply anyone in our area,farmshops for example. Can you point me in the right direction?
    Many thanks,David Fyfe, Arbroath.

    1. stuart
      stuart September 6, 2016 at 9:21 pm | | Reply


      You should contact Paul Baxter, Cowbrae Hill, Heriot


      Stuart Jeffrey

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