Community Broadband for Fountainhall area

Residents in the Fountainhall area can now access high speed broadband via a local community scheme. Are you interested?

Heriot has a flourishing community broadband company that is now providing high speed broadband to the residents in Heriot. This is provided by micro wave links from masts we have built on various hills direct to the houses that want to receive the service. We install a small antenna (a square box) on the outside of the house in a suitable position, and then run a cable into the house to the Wi-Fi router we provide. We have been largely financed by wind farm community benefit grants, but of course Stow & Fountainhall also have access to similar funds.

Our service comes via micro wave links from Edinburgh, where the University has given us considerable help and allows us to access the main UK internet backbone. The speeds we provide are usually around 30 Mb download and upload and often higher, so this really is a high speed service. You will be able to see much more information on our web site if you would like to hear more about HCB.

If you are interested just log on to our web site and fill in the simple “Request for Service” form that you will find there. You then send this to Susie Clark our administrator who can also help with queries.

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