Community Projects – Results of the Public Discussion

Summary of the public discussion on 29 April 2013

Four areas of community interest are evident as having potential for excellent community projects that could be developed with the necessary funding. All these projects need support and practical help to make them happen. So if you can spare a little time to pour tea, distribute leaflets, write an email, make a telephone call, even on a one-off basis, please get in touch with the contact people listed below. To find get these people’s contact details, please telephone Jenny Mushlin, Community Council Secretary 01578 760297.


  1. Refurbishment of Fountainhall Village Hall

This project will go a long way to regenerate the community life of Fountainhall.

If interested in this project, please get in touch with Fran and George Baillie, or Charlotte Hendry.


  1. Action for Young People

13 – 17 year olds do not have a quality social space in our villages. This project is seeking to empower and engage the young people themselves into leading improvements to their social environment.

If interested, please get in touch with Robbie Wilson or Willie Frew.


  1. Environmental initiatives

Two projects have popular support and can be carried forward under the auspices of the constituted group Low Carbon Galawater.

  • Horticultural bio-composting project
  • Community wood fuel project

Anyone interested should contact Steffen Taschner.


  1. Built environment/ landscape initiatives

  • Paths Network: many people are interested in this; hill walkers; dog walkers; people keen to have circular walks; people keen to formalise the walks in T. Wilson’s book “Stow of Wedale”; people wanting access to nice paths with push chairs and wheelchairs.

If interested, please get in touch with Dorothy Small

  • Quoiting Green area: Plans are being developed to improve the Quoiting Green with picnic area, designated dog walking area, tarmac standing area, bonfire site, petanque pitch.

If interested please get in touch with Alistair Riddell or Jack MacKenzie.

Please feel free to contact those listed or use this site to comment on any of these initiatives below.

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