Action on Community Projects

Further to the public discussion about community projects at the Community Council meeting on Monday 1st April, a meeting has been arranged to support the movement of ideas into action. The meeting is scheduled for Monday, 29th April at 7.30pm in Stow Town Hall, Rooms 2 and 3 (downstairs).

At this meeting, there will be a clear explanation of the funds available and the eligibility criteria. From the meeting on the 1st April, it emerges that there are particular themes in which the community at large is interested. The meeting on 29th April will be carefully organised to focus attention on these themes and to establish some concrete outcomes. To ease the discussions, refreshments will be provided.

If you want to see action taken to improve the fabric and heart of our villages – Stow and Fountainhall – come along to the meeting on Monday 29th April. Bring friends and supporters as well – you never know – it could even be FUN!!

The agenda is now available to download here.

Taking part is the only way forward. Please encourage as many people to come as you can.

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