Musical and Literal Transports

You can’t have lived in the Gala Water valley over the past two years and been unaware of “…the longest new domestic railway to be constructed in Britain for over 100 years…” taking shape. For our youngsters this is a huge and rare event and as singers, we wanted to capture and celebrate that. How? Step forward John Nichol, one of the Borders’ greatest creators and performers of musical theatre. GWS commissioned John to go into our valley schools, with the blessing of school staff, and engage the children in expressing their thoughts about the Borders railway.
From the children came the ideas; from John came the lyrics; from Music Director Jim Letham came the music and on 7 June Stow Church is the venue for the World Première of ‘The Waverley Line’, sung by the adult and children’s joint choir, in celebration of this extraordinary event.

The rest of the concert programme keeps to the theme, sometimes flexibly interpreted, of celebrating transportation with our performance enhanced by soloist Fraser Harris from Selkirk, currently a music undergraduate at Aberdeen plus, once again, the joy of live musicians. This promises to be a very special concert; join us if you possibly can.

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