Stow Primary Railway Project

*** Cancelled due to Yellow weather warming.  We will reschedule in Jan 2015 ***

Stow Primary school has begun to plan the Railway Project which will take place at the school from Jan-March next year. They will be working towards an exhibition in the summer term.

There will be a community planning meeting on Thursday 11th December at 6-7pm at the school.

The school is keen to gather anyone who feels they may have something to offer to the project and/or the exhibition.

Amanda Findley (acting Head) will give a brief overview of the intended learning for the project and the basic structure of the project i.e. Past, Present, Future.

After this the school plans to have a ‘marketplace’ with tables set out with various themes which people could go to to record their interest or offers of help. One of the tables will be ‘the exhibition’.

If anyone is interested to find out more and/or feels they could contribute in anyway please come to the school on Thursday 11th December at 6-7pm. Please spread the word!

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