Galawater Camera Club

The Camera Club was delighted with the success of its first exhibition
in the Cloudhouse, Stow – many thanks to the Cloudhouse for helping
us hold this event, which will remain on show until the end of January.
As  the  Club  develops  and  ideas  are  forming  for  future  events  the
members have decided that it should be constituted giving freedom to
apply for further funding in the future. A syllabus is being drawn up by
the members so that each meeting there will be a topic for discussion
or a practical session chosen by the group and in the future there will
be  a  page  on  the  Community  Website  providing  further  details. The
Club meets on the last Wednesday of month at 11.00am. For dates and
topics, please see dates for your diary section. We are also discussing
a possible trip to a photographic exhibition in Glasgow
Interested?  email;  or  phone  Paul
Baxter on: 07925 536878

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