Into Africa

For several years, Stow & Heriot Church have been linked with a partner church in Malawi, in a small village called Luwatala. Luwatala is in a rural area quite close to Lake Malawi (or Lake Nyasa).

Last year, members of the church took the opportunity provided by Presbytery’s sending of a container, and sent out 27 boxes containing clothes and books, and many bicycles to Luwatala. The congregations have also supported Luwatala’s building project of a house for their resident pastor, through financial contributions.

Their pastor, Joseph Thipa wrote recently, saying “Thanks to your Autumn Thanksgiving Services of Stow and Heriot. We are targeting this money towards our building project.

Economically, we are going through hard times in Malawi…. Prices for commodities continues to rise. Our rural people are the worst hit. Please continue praying for Malawi”.

Communication with Malawi is never easy, but a bond between the two churches has slowly been built up.

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