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Stow Kids Club recently held their AGM, at which only one parent attended.
Following the meeting, this parent submitted the following letter and we are very glad of such a public display of support. The Club has gone through some rocky times over the past year and much hard work has gone on behind the scenes trying to keep this service in place for the working parents of our community.

6th March 2013

Dear Parents/Carers/Friends,

I read the article in the Southern Report last week (Thursday 28th Feb 2013) –
Report by Adam Drummond

I have to admit my initial reaction was a feeling of concern! So I went along to the Stow Kids Club AGM – Wednesday 6th March where I hoped to find out what reasons could be behind the points made in the article.
I’m home and my first reaction is to try to advocate for the Stow Kids Club Team. I will try to keep this short and simple:

  • Yes much of the content of the report is accurate BUT it does not mention the HUGE efforts being made by the committee and staff of the club.
  • Yes there are pages of recommendations and requirements BUT every point includes a detailed action plan pulled together by the committee and the club manager. Every detail is being taken very seriously and handled with utmost professionalism.
  • Am I personally concerned about the care my kids receive at the club? NO!
  • Yes there are policies and procedures and processes to follow – anyone in this sector knows this – but I am overwhelmed by the amount of detail, paperwork, checklists, policies and even more policies that this small team have to handle and most on a voluntary basis!
  • The team do recognise the need to improve (or in my opinion this mainly means filling in paperwork, keeping paperwork up to date, filing reports, logging incidents, writing up observations and preparing more written development plans/training plans, more policies to cover every eventuality. And that’s only some of the tasks the team has to cover.
  • Did I mention most of the team are parent volunteers?
  • And trying to keep to just one page and not to rant on but I personally want to extend my appreciation to the team and the incredible efforts the Committee and Staff are making behind the scenes to meet the even more incredible lists of legislations and paperwork required to run ‘our’ kids’ club.
  • This club would not exist without our committed team:
    Jacki Cooper, Amanada Runciman, Grace Frew, Jane Riddell, Ulrika Doherty, Mags Richmond, Manager Iain Murray and all the staff – Thank You

A Parent!

If there is anyone out there who would like to become involved with the Club in any way whatsoever (you need not have children attending) then please contact our Chairperson Jacki Cooper on
This community needs such a service for working parents and Stow Kids Club really need the community’s support. I am certain there is a wealth of talent out there which could be put to good use…

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