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Lots of things are going on in Stow Parish Archive. We are collecting all kinds of records connected to the railway from local memories of the old Waverley Route to experiences with the modern construction and the opening of new railway. We are also working hard to get our catalogue online bringing Stow to the world and the world to Stow! The Stow Cafe Sessions are still taking place once a month where stories of times past are shared. All this is in addition to the usual cataloguing and collecting. Drop into the Reading Room some time and have a look at our new acquisitions which include the commemorative poppy and a Waterloo medal. Visit us on Facebook to keep in touch.
Two of many photographs held by Stow Parish Archive

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  1. (Revd) Leslie Greenwood
    (Revd) Leslie Greenwood January 25, 2018 at 11:56 am | | Reply

    Doing funeral of a Duncan Endeacott named Duncan after great grandfather Duncan McLaughlan born 1842 at Stow(e) Midlothian and married to Agnes Peacock 1865

    Any known family, history as I try to root bereaved family in the help them th present and future?

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