Stow Park

When a child aged 8 says ‘The park is rubbish because everything is
for babies’ it is perhaps time to re-evaluate what facilities exist. With only
two swings for children of primary and secondary age there is certainly
a dearth of play park equipment in Stow for the older child. SBC do not
have any money for new playground equipment however they are happy
to support a community lead project.
A group ‘Stow Community Park’ has been established to look into the
feasibility of securing funding for engaging play park equipment for older
children which will be located within the football park. This location will
provide a focus for outdoor play away from the railway.The current play
park would remain, it works well for the under 5’s.
On  a  damp  November  day  59  young  people  expressed  their
disappointment at the current park facilities. The children have completed
a questionnaire about the type of apparatus they would like, the result
was very clear, something to climb on. The park is not just for children so
we are hoping to secure enough funding for outdoor gym equipment for
teenagers and adults along with a trim trail for both kids and adults. Many
people have said they would like a path within the park so they can enjoy
walking through it without getting their feet wet and some well positioned
benches. We are speaking to Stow AFC and Stow Sports committee to
ensure any new facilities benefit everyone that uses the park.
We are very much at the planning stage and would like to hear your
views. There is a great deal of work to be done to turn this idea into
reality  and  although  to  date   we  have  received  a  lot  of  support,   for
which we are grateful, we will welcome anyone’s help . Please email or leave a note in the shop.
Here’s hoping that in the future we can all enjoy being in the park and not
just walk on the pavements around its perimeter

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