Stow’s Got Talent

Stow’s Got Talent took place on the 1st April 2011. It was organised by Stow Parent Council as a fund raising event for the school. Stow’s Got Talent was a show giving the children of Stow Primary the opportunity to show off their skills and talents in front of an audience. It was held in the church.

Sound Out, the local music group gave help and support to the children and helped them practice their acts. There were comedy, singing, gymnastics, magicians and puppets. Pupils helped with sound effects, light and worked as stage crew. Mrs. Wood, a local artist painted beautiful batik backdrops for the show.

On the day of the show all of the children came to school as usual and they all went to the church to rehearse for the last time before the show. After school, in the evening the children of Stow Primary walked up to the church to perform. It was the night everyone had been waiting for, Stow’s Got Talent!

Stow’s Got talent was a success. There were brilliant performances from the children and the audience enjoyed it. The climax of the show was the “Big Band” who had been rehearsing for months. They had the audience on their feet cheering! Mrs. Hutchison, the school secretary had this to say “I attended Stow’s Got Talent to watch all the talented children of Stow primary School perform various wonderful ‘talents’ from singing and dancing to hair raising! I thoroughly enjoyed watching every performance and was very impressed with all the talented children we have in Stow.” Snacks were served after the performances. The successful event raised £415 for Stow Primary.

By Thea Naylor age 8

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