Update on Stow Park

Councillor Sandy Aitchison has held discussions with Council officials and it is apparent that there is no one solution that can improve the park and that a number of measures will have to be taken to get it back to its old glory. The first step is to look at drainage and investigations will be taking place on the following:

  1. Improvement of the flood defences of the Gala Water including the infamous pipe at the Station Bridge
  2. Re-examination the old mill lade that lies parallel to the A7
  3. Improvement of the Scottish Water pipe which crosses the Mill Lade at the Bowling Green bridge to ensure a faster flow of water to drain the area more quickly.

In addition, parks staff will be looking at how best to improve and treat the surface of the park. However, to make a significant and long-lasting improvement, the community at large will have to investigate ways of funding major renovation works.

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