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The Mobile Library’s visits to Stow have been reduced to every 3rd Monday, and to Fountainhall every 3rd Tuesday. It makes 3 stops in Stow: one at Killochyett, then halfway between Killochyett & Townfoot, and finishing up at Townfoot. For the elderly and less mobile it is very important to make sure that the van continues to make its stops in these three areas of the village. Please spread the word to users and potential users!

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  1. Norma MacLean
    Norma MacLean February 9, 2015 at 3:33 pm | | Reply

    I am hoping you may be able to assist me or connect me with someone who can. I have a relative, Margaret Chisholm, who lives at 15 Cockholm Crescent in Stow. We have kept in touch over the years. Our families were close many years ago when Margaret’s mother cared for my teenage grandmother before she joined the family in Canada. I last spoke to Margaret on her 90th birthday in October. At that time she was having trouble with sciatica. I have been trying to reach her by phone since Christmas with no response. I am wondering if she might be in a respite home or hospital as I did not receive the customary Christmas card from her. I don’t know anyone of her other relatives and the ones we had in Australia have passed away. I would appreciate any news or contact that you might have. Norma MacLean

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