Community Projects Autumn 2014

The Old Kirk

Work on stabilising the fabric of the Old Kirk is nearing completion. Throughout the building, limestone mortar has been used to ensure that water does not collect within the walls allowing irreparable damage by frost. The louvres in the bell tower have been replaced by the Stow-based company, Miller & Sons. Previously, rooks had built their nests within the tower causing a dangerous build up of debris. The internal space within the church building, currently full of debris, will be tidied with flagstones and grass. All this work had taken place under the eagle eye of Historic Scotland and they have been very supportive. SBC Parks and Cemeteries section are looking at the safety of the kirkyard as there are several dangerously balanced tombstones. Children have been seen playing in the kirkyard. The community now has a difficult task ahead in finding an acceptable compromise between visitor access, safety, and the preservation of the historic stones.

Stow Station:

Network Rail are not going to have maintenance staff based in the Station building in Stow which means that the running costs will not be shared by them. There are discussions between the Community Trust, the Community Council, Stow Parish Archive Group and other interested parties about the possibility of using the building as a museum with a focus on railway history. To find out more contact any of the above groups.

Stow Park:

The park still needs more remedial work. The football area has been fenced off to keep the rabbits away and so to allow the grass to recover.

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