Wild Otter

2nd July at 9.45pm while in my garden at waterside 244 Galashiels Road, Stow. I looked over handrail into Pennywhiggam Burn and saw a movement in the water ten seconds later out comes an otter and proceeds up the Pennywhiggam.

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  1. Dorothy Small
    Dorothy Small September 20, 2015 at 9:14 am | | Reply

    On May 4th, the day after torrential rain I had my first sighting of otters on the Galawater – a mother and 2 grown up cubs came down in the flood water, climbed up onto the bank opposite from where I was sitting and proceeded to walk into the undergrowth and then back into the water further down. I then saw them again, the cubs ‘playing’ in a deep pool beside the Galabank Railway Bridge. After 10 mins the family swam away down river.
    Since then I saw one emerge at the Galabank Railway Bridge at dusk, 8.00 pm, on Sept 12th – it was swimming up river, passed me and sensing my presence disappeared under overhanging trees.

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