Chernobyl lifeline update

The month of July heralded the 8th visit by children to the Scottish Borders Link of Chernobyl Children Lifeline. The link was started in Stow in 2001, and since then over 100 children from Belarus have been hosted in the Borders and North Northumberland, and over £50,000 has been raised to fund these annual visits.

These visits provide the children with a healthy break from their own land away from the after-effects of the Chernobyl nuclear fallout, and help to build up their immune systems for longer lives. This year, new host family Ben and Belinda Glennon, assisted by Ruaridh and Anya Campbell hosted two girls for two weeks and they were soon at home in Stow. Fraser and Nettie Simm hosted the leader of the group. The visit involved trips to local dentists and opticians, and visits to the beach at Coldingham and other fun places. Since the link was started, no less than 25 people in Stow have been involved in one way or another. Anyone wishing to be involved in the future is welcome to contact any of the above people.

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