Happy Hosting!

Scottish Borders Link of CCLL will be hosting another visit this year – from 8th July to 5th August. The leader will be staying in Stow again, and Belinda Glennon recalls last year’s visit with fond memories. “I had seen posters and a neighbour, who had hosted children, told me a little about the organisation.
At the initial meetings I was made to feel very comfortable and welcome and was certainly never under any pressure to take on more than I wanted. Our family decided that we wanted to host but that two weeks would be enough for a first experience.
When we picked up the girls from the airport they could not speak any English but seemed happy and excited to have arrived. From that moment on, they were a sheer delight to have. We communicated using Google translate, pointing, gesturing and smiling …….. with some success and much hilarity! They fitted in so easily, the children played together and didn’t seem to have problems with the language barrier! There was a busy programme of events and we were supported by friends the Campbell family at Bowland which was a great help and gave us a break.
As well as the health boost for the children and the hope that their physical health may actually improve from the rest away from the radiation, contaminated food chain and environment, the most rewarding part of the experience was the fantastic opportunity for a cultural exchange for both my own and the Belarusian children. My children really loved having the girls to stay and we would all be keen to have children to stay again”.

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