Community Projects

The Parish of Stow, comprising the villages of Stow and Fountainhall and the surrounding hamlets and houses, benefits from a variety of funding and grant monies. These are available to all in the community.

In 2011, Toddleburn Windfarm (SSE) offered a one-off payment of £27,000 to the Community Council to be used on an eco-friendly project. No particular project materialised to take advantage of this.   A public discussion on 29th April 2013 considered how this might be spent. The requirement that the project should be eco-friendly had been lifted. As there was no one project ready and eligible to take advantage of this lump sum, but there were several worthy projects in the planning, Tommy Miller, Chair of the Windfarm Benefit Fund, proposed that this sum of £27,000 be added into the general Windfarm Benefit Fund. This was agreed unanimously by people present.

From the discussions there emerged a number of valuable projects the details and progression of these will be posted here in community projects related news.


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