Windfarm fund

Stow and Fountainhall benefit from the following windfarm funds

SSE Toddleburn Community Fund

The fund is provided by SSE, the developer of the Toddleburn Wind Farm. It benefits the community council areas of Heriot, Oxton & Channelkirk and the Parish of Stow in the Scottish Borders.

The annual fund value will be approximately £54,000, which will be shared annually as follows:

Community council area Approximate annual share
Heriot £18,000
Oxton & Channelkirk £18,000
Parish of Stow £18,000

Each community council area has its own community panel to decide how funds should be allocated locally.


For more information please go to Toddleburn | SSE Renewables

EDF Longpark Community Fund

The Fund is provided by EDF Renewables, the developer of the Longpark Wind Farm. It benefits the Parish of Stow community council area and is administered by Foundation Scotland.  The Fund was opened in 2010.  An annual amount of £45,000, inflation-adjusted, will be paid into the fund each year for the operating life of the wind farm, which is expected to be 25 years. The Parish of Stow Community Fund Panel (made up of local residents and Community Council representatives, make award decisions and shape Fund criteria.  For more information and access to the online application form, go to EDF Renewables Longpark Wind Farm Community Fund | Foundation Scotland).

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