Roxburgh Reivers Orienteering Club

Roxburgh Reivers Orienteering Club has a long connection with Stow. The village has produced many good orienteers and event organisers – not least the family of the present Chair of the Club. Orienteering is a good activity for all the family with a structured class system providing courses for all abilities – gentle introductory courses suitable for young children to serious competition courses for adults.

In orienteering, the aim is to navigate round a set course, typically 3-8 Kilometers, in the quickest possible time using a map and a compass. Many adults who enjoy outdoor exercise find orienteering much more satisfying than jogging or gym sessions. Newcomers to the sport are always welcome and at our local events we will provide guidance and help in the skills of map reading and navigating – you just need to ask.

Roxburgh Reivers Orienteering Club take their share of organising events. In the Borders there is a local series in the spring and other events throughout the year. Stow is also well positioned for access to fixtures in Central Scotland and these are all listed on the Scottish Orienteering Website.

Please visit Roxburgh Reivers Orienteering Club Website. You will find lots of useful information there – dates and details of fixtures, what to wear and what you will need to go orienteering.

You can also contact our Club Secretary – John Tullie, telephone 01450 850217 for information.


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  1. Roger Maher M70 SO
    Roger Maher M70 SO October 1, 2012 at 10:40 am | | Reply

    A very big thank you for Sunday it reminded me of my mountain marathon days,I just wish I lived closer to such a great area,
    Sorry I did not stay to cheer the winners but had a plane to catch.
    Best wishes

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