Wooplaw Community Woodland

Wooplaw Community Woodland, the first in Britain.Wooplaw has flourished as a community organisation for over 20 yrs. It offers a lot but needs active interest and support.

It is 55 acres, has four distinct areas, several buildings, ponds, a stream, paths, sculptures and a whole load of imagination.

What happens at Wooplaw?
Wooplaw is open to all comers. Many come to the woods just to enjoy them, to walk around, to listen to the bird chorus, to visit the wildlife ponds, or picnic at the Log Cabin or the thatched Roundhouse.

Anyone interested in the conservation of the environment will find Wooplaw an inspiration. Visitors have come from all over the country, as well as from other more distant parts of the world, and have gone away with ideas for setting up community woodlands in their own home areas.

We have an event on the last Sunday of EVERY month. Visit www.wooplaw.org.uk to find out more.

We’ll do a guided walk around all the woods as well so if you want to find out more about the woods just turn up. Ideal if you’re just discovering Wooplaw.   There are regular visits from schools who bring their children to Wooplaw to enjoy pond-dipping, mini-beast hunting or learning and improving tree identification skills.   Also, from time to time, Wooplaw acts as a venue for training course in rural skills and for a wide variety of events – which have ranged from our regular Halloween and Christmas days for children, to ‘art in the forest’ events and conducted wildlife walks.

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