Stow Pipe Band

There has ‘aye been’ a pipe band in Stow, although the modern day band was formed around 1950. The band is based in Stow in the Scottish Borders with members of the band coming from Stow, Galashiels, Lauder, Melrose, Lilliesleaf, Edinburgh and St Boswells. The band plays regularly at many prestigious events all over Scotland including local ‘Common Ridings’, Highland Games, Concerts, festivals as well as competing at famous events such as the Cowal Games and the World Pipe Band Championships.

The band has played at festivals recently in Spain, Italy, The Basque Country and France. Stow Pipe Band have also played for clients in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Dubai and Hong Kong. Hover over the images with your mouse to find out more.

The band practices every Thursday evening at Stow Town Hall where all are welcome to visit.


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  1. Nina Kunkel
    Nina Kunkel February 8, 2016 at 4:50 am | | Reply

    Hi, my little boy aged almost 8 is very keen to learn the pipes. He’s spoken of it for almost two years now, so I’m looking for a class or teacher. Just thought I’d check with Stow pipe band first do they have a teacher or class or do they know of one locally that they could recommend as we’re just over the hill in Lauder? Many thanks

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